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Your pipeline is your lifeline, and your business development resources provide the energy to propel your organization forward. Want to make it all work better? We provide insights, information, intelligence and the tools you need to operate a sophisticated pipeline process. We proactively fuel your process every day, giving your staff what they need to capture more business.

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Proposal Design

We do not just write proposals; we create stories that connect to readers emotionally, driving them to understand why your company is the right choice for the work. All work is art, and proposals are your chance to present it in the most enticing way possible. Since this can be your first impression, we construct them as one of the most important components of the bidding process.

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Oral Presentations

An oral presentation can now hold as much importance as proposals themselves, and can even be the deciding factor when it comes to winning or losing a contract. The Government uses oral presentations to evaluate who they may potentially be working with, and our coaching service prepares you for this moment through a process that is sure to make your presentation stand out among the rest.

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