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360 BD-Architect

The BD Architect is constructed on the iMeet Platform, a feature rich user-friendly collaboration platform that provides:

>  File management with version control
>  Document display and commenting
>  Wiki page development
>  Blogging
>  Meeting and calendar functions
>  Online documents and spreadsheets
>  Project planning
>  Word level global search
>  Database functionality & more

Using these tools, we have created a fully functional platform for managing your pipeline:

>  Pipeline planning tools with risk assessment
> Five-year planning horizons with resource plans
> Current & historical performance
>  Portfolio management with unique SMART process
>  Detailed opportunity data management
>  Pursuit planning and activity tracking
>  Opportunity evaluation pre-screening
> Opportunity progress measurement
>  Probability-of-win analysis
>  Teaming relationship management
>  Contact management
> Access to general market information
> Proposal planning & scheduling
> Proposal document management
> Proposal evaluation analysis & more

It is more than just a collaboration or pipeline tracker, it is a complete process for creating and managing a business pipeline that produces revenue generating results.