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A complete pipeline development service that maximizes the effectiveness of your business development efforts, including pipeline planning, opportunity identification, competitive analysis, pursuit strategies, progress monitoring, P-Win bid/no bid analysis, win strategy development, target marketing and management reporting.

CEO's responding to survey's have consistently reported, year after year, that one of their major concerns is the identification of business opportunities and the ability of their organizations to prepare properly for the bid. We know, from our own survey's and customer interactions that people involved with business development, whether a business owner, line manager or full time business development specialist, spend as much as 30% of their BD time doing online research into opportunities and trying to find other background information. Many complain they simply do not have the time to look at all the data they know is out there.
Wouldn't you rather have your business development efforts going towards spending time with a potential client, already armed with the knowledge you need to carry on a value-added conversation, and knowing the information you need throughout your pursuit effort is being gathered for you. And, along the way you have support from us in developing your pursuit strategy and supporting your outreach efforts with target marketing of the key government contacts. Often, the marketing is the key to opening the door to those key meetings you find so hard to get with the government personnel.
BizPipe360 is a complete business development pipeline process executed using a variety of research tools in combination with our cloud based collaboration, pipeline management and proposal management system, the 360 BD-Architect. 


Professional researchers are constantly monitoring the marketplace and keeping your pipeline data up to date. Your BD resources go to the high value interactions with potential customers. 


You instantly get a proven process for building a pipeline that generates results. And, experienced BD strategists are helping make sure you are properly prepared for each critical bid.


By connecting our fixed-fee to your revenue level we create a value proposition where every customer is critically important to us. Your success is our success, so we give you everything we’ve got, every day.

Right Angles

This is not just about cohesiveness and collaboration; it is about the rigorous application of processes developed from 40 years of experience and an unwavering commitment to the idea we can make things "new" and "better" every day. A big part of experience is imbedded in creative leadership, using the past to be in the forefront of the future.