Making sure you know who you are, what you stand for and how you add value—then using it to make sure your customers know.

Try standing in front of a group of people and introducing yourself using someone else's name. Does it feel uncomfortable? Do you feel a little ‘out of touch’ with yourself? Are you afraid you may have confused your audience - perhaps they will be unsure of who you are?
You have just tinkered with an important element of ‘your’ brand. Certainly, it is not the only element; after all, “what is in a name, surely I am more than that?” Yes, you are, but you have spent many years weaving the picture of who you are and this mosaic has become clearly defined at an emotional level within you. Your name, the way you dress, your behavior and your intellect all go into defining you; and are attributes of your brand - part of telling others who you are. Of course, as you go through life you will update aspects of your brand (your dress, your intellect/knowledge, and more) as your personal situation changes.
The same is true for your company. There are many elements in creating an image that effectively communicates your message to potential customers. And, getting these elements right is a critical part of creating a successful business. At 90Degrees we do not just develop names, logos, by-lines and stationary – we develop a strategy and message that makes your company stand out from the crowd.
Are you sure you have a brand? Have you thought about updating it to be sure you are meeting new market conditions? Send us your name and let’s arrange a conversation about how you are doing in the marketplace.