Business Integrated Growth Service

The most complete and aggressive program we offer, BIGS includes strategy, branding, marketing, pipeline planning-research-management, capture planning and win strategy development support, and proposal design.

Today, even robust service offerings are treated by the government as a commodity. If you want to be better positioned for opportunities, and have greater access to key decision-makers in your market segment, you need to be interesting! That means having a strong brand message that differentiates you and getting that message into the marketplace. To do this you will work with our branding studio, Diligent Rocket, to create a message that will stand out. Then, we will use the organizational contact information we collect for your opportunities, and add additional potential targets by researching the entire government market, to create a community of interest to promote your services to. Soon you may find people calling you!
And if they want to visit your web site, or ask for some collateral we will have you working with our design studio, Studio Unlisted, to make sure you have professional, elegant materials that reflect your message and portray the true sophistication of your brand.
While building your brand we also need to create a viable opportunity pipeline tailored for your company. Pipeline's need to have the right opportunities and the right amount of opportunity. The research team at 90Degrees are expert at this. They will plan what should be in your pipeline, find it, help you evaluate it, collect intelligence on it, and continue to monitor and enhance your knowledge about it throughout the pursuit process. Our business development specialists will participate throughout the process to help you in building a pursuit strategy and win strategy for the increasingly viable deals.
Then, when the opportunity matures and an RFP is released our proposal team will create a proposal architecture for your response. This is a detailed concept template based on a complete RFP shredding so your team has everything they need to create a compelling proposal. And we will educate your team into the Design-iT proposal process to further increase your win rates.
To execute BIGS you will have access to our cloud based collaboration, pipeline management and proposal management system - the 360 BD-Architect. Click below to learn more about the Architect.


BIGS brings all the key elements of the pursuit of business together into a cohesive program to expand your customer base.

Fixed Price

The complete range of services from brand strategy through to proposal development provided by experienced professionals at a fixed cost you cannot come close to internally.


By connecting the fee we charge to your revenue level we create a value proposition where every customer is critically important to us. Your success is our success, so we give you everything we’ve got, every day.

Right Angles

This is not just about cohesiveness and collaboration; it is about the rigorous application of processes developed from 40 years of experience and an unwavering commitment to the idea we can make things "new" and "better" every day. A big part of experience is imbedded in creative leadership, using the past to be in the forefront of the future.