Turning words into compelling stories
that sell.

The workshop is for anyone who will write for a proposal. It provides you with an overall understanding of the proposal process so you have a context for your work. We reveal the questions you need to ask to assure you have the right background and framework for composing your message. We review the elements that create compelling proposals, and teach you the basics of good proposal writing and storytelling.


“I found Al's presentation and insights to be extremely beneficial.  It was definitely time well spent, and I plan to engage Al on providing a similar course to several colleagues in my office.  As a person who dreads writing proposals, I walked away looking forward to our next proposal (at least more so than usual!).  I liked the numerous ideas that Al presented on how to make proposals stand out from the crowd.  I also enjoyed the methodology that Al laid out on how to complete a proposal.

I would definitely encourage anyone who plays a role in proposal preparation to take this course.  Al offers so many great tips that you are bound to learn something new no matter how long you have been writing proposals.”

Sean Robinson
Director of Business Development, Elder Research, Inc