Defining Pipeline and the BP4 Process

When you use the term business sales pipeline, or some derivation of it, many people think you are simply talking about a list of potential sales opportunities that are tracked through a series of stages of development. I think this is too limiting a view, and that is the problem with most words we try to use to refer to some part of the business development life-cycle. They lead us to forget, or often neglect, other critical elements that are necessary for success in making sales.

So, for our purposes let’s define pipeline has the foundational support structure upon which your business development life-cycle sits. That means, if we are going to talk about creating and developing a successful, fully functional pipeline we have to deal with all phases of the process. For this purpose, so we can share ideas in an organized fashion, we will characterize these phases to include: 1) Branding 2) Marketing 3) Pipeline Planning / Research / Development / and Management and 4) Proposing / and delivering Oral Presentations.

This is why at 90Degrees we are always talking about the BP4 process: Brand – Promote – Pursue – Propose – Present. In our blog entries, and through the dissemination of information via PIPES (our news blog we send out weekly) we will do our best to offer informative information that helps you to up your game at BP4.