How Do You Define The Purpose of Your Pipeline?

When you use the term business sales pipeline, or some derivation of it, many people think you are simply talking about a list of potential sales opportunities that are tracked through a series of development stages. We think this is too limiting a view. It leads us to forget, or neglect, other critical elements necessary for sales success.

For our purposes we define pipeline as the support structure upon which your business development life-cycle sits. That means, if we are going to talk about creating and developing a successful, fully functional pipeline, we have to deal with all phases of the process. We characterize these phases as:

1) Pipeline Planning - Finding which opportunities are most relevant to you and your capabilities



2) Research / Development / and Management - thoroughly researching  and contacting every available component of those opportunities  for the most viable winning options

3) Proposing and delivering Oral Presentations - designing in detail and technically preparing the first, last, and only chance to win your work.

At 90Degrees we refer to this life-cycle as the RP3 process: Research - Pursue - Propose - Present. In our blog entries, and through the dissemination of information via PIPES we will do our best to offer insights that help you to up your game at RP3.