When your team needs to present in person it is the moment when all the marbles are on the line. Its theater, and you need to take home the Oscar.

Everything about an oral presentation has an impact on the audience. It is just like a movie. You need a great story, a well written script, a practiced team of presenters that will deliver with confidence and charm, and surrounding elements that create an appropriate atmosphere - all the solicit a positive emotional response that leaves an enduring impression on your customer. One that others simply cannot match.
Some people think that what they need is an orals coach to show them how to be a good public speaker. It is part of the equation, but a team of people pitching a program is far more than this, and the individual performance of the speakers needs to reflect a presentation style that is different from someone delivering a speech. That is why we refer to our specialists as Presentation Directors.
Yes, they will be very involved with your oral delivery. But, just as a movie director is involved in all facets of the activity, our Directors are specialists in storytelling, scripting, materials preparation and even room design. And they do not work alone, there is an entire support team of writers, designers and public speaking coaches that they can tap when needed.
When your company is asked to come in and give its pitch, you need to remember this is the make-it or break-it moment in the entire sales cycle. Nothing that transpires before or after will have more to do with your winning or losing. So, don't try to make your movie without a director. Our unique approach and highly successful methods stem from years of experience and a talented group of professionals that will make your presentation the one they remember.