When the customer is ready to learn the details of what you can do for them, you need to deliver an unforgettable story that propels you above your competition.

Your proposal is generally the first serious work product you deliver to a customer in response to a specific request for a defined product or service(s). It needs to respond to customer guidance, as well as the emotional state that is driving their need to make a purchase.
Because of this intersection of structured guidance and buyer emotion, proposals must be looked at as a construct and a work of art. This is why we refer to our work as proposal architecture, and why we have spent the time to develop our Design-iT proposal process. It is based on the concepts of cognitive design; using content, storytelling and creative presentation to connect your message to the real reasons why your potential customer will select you.
Creating something beautiful and compelling requires discipline, tools and great creative talent. Our proposal architects bring all of this to your winning efforts.